25 May 2019
SEG invites you to the Hainweg Street Festival

Hainweg, the development zone situated in Wiesbaden’s eastern suburb of Nordenstadt is really taking on shape. That is why SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden mbH is excited to invite residents and those interested alike to a festival being held on Saturday, 25 May 2019 between 11 AM and 5 PM. To mark the occasion, the construction roads will be opened up in celebratory style to the public, the SEG will be presenting this brand-new development and a selection of developers will be on hand to share some information about their property offers. Thanks to the beach volleyball tournament being organised by VC Wiesbaden and many fantastic programme items for kids, there will be no shortage of entertainment. For more detailed information about the street festival (available in German), please click here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

27 February 2018
Traffic system modified

The development of the ›Hainweg‹ residential area in Wiesbaden’s eastern suburb of Nordenstadt has now entered its primary phase. This transition has brought about a temporary change in traffic routing via a bypass road in the new development zone, which runs parallel to Konrad-Zuse-Straße. Along with the construction of a 160 m long rainwater and sewer system in Konrad-Zuse-Straße, connection work to a supply and disposal network, the construction of a roundabout system at the junction situated on Borsigstraße, preparations for the first round of bus stops and renewal work to existing road surfaces, the project is now entering its primary phase of development across the 21-hectare new development zone.

Together with the state capital’s road traffic authority, a concept has been developed to minimise impact on road users. At the end of the year, drivers will once again be able to use the ›old‹ route, and access to the ›Hainweg’ development site will be guaranteed by way of a newly built roundabout.

08 March 2018
Marketing to property developers 80% complete!

Less than a year after the city of Wiesbaden delivered on its intention to bring the development plan for the ›Hainweg residential zone‹ to life, roughly 80% of buyers had already been lined up for those plots now under development. Demand for the land was solid, meaning that SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden mbH has, to date, been able to conclude sales contracts for the new residential district with six companies. Contract negotiations with other property developers are ongoing. By making this careful selection, SEG is able to ensure a broad range of varying property offers that covers everything from semidetached houses, to terraced houses and condominiums.

Add to that two nursery schools, a park with children's playground, green expanses with game and recreational space as well as a district square, all to be realised as part of the Hainweg new development zone. In order to ensure that the sheer diversity of our offer blends harmoniously into the overall picture, a design manual has been created that forms the basis for all building designs, in addition to the development plans themselves.

For more information on the building developers involved, please go to Who’s building where.

23 December 2016
Building development plan passed as statute

The development plan process for the ›Hainweg residential zone‹ has almost been concluded. The city council assembly of Wiesbaden passed the development plan for the ›Hainweg residential zone‹ as a statute on 15 December. The assembly also decreed a change in the existing land use plan for the zone covering Hainweg, as well as the conclusion of a contract between the city of Wiesbaden and SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden mbH as the developer for the new residential zone. This ultimately means that city policymakers have fulfilled their task of securing the necessary legal foundations for Hainweg.

At this point, the approval of the amendment to the land use plan can be applied for with the regional Council of Darmstadt. Approval is expected in the spring of 2017. The building plan decree is made public and enshrined in law.

The city of Wiesbaden then publishes the plan on its website for general viewing.

These webpages are then used to keep the public in the loop as soon as marketing efforts for the new properties get under way.


we the SEG

As a municipal company, SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden mbH is a full-service provider to the regional real estate industry. We play an active role in various disciplines across the property sector, aiming to support you and the city of Wiesbaden with our experience and expertise in the very best possible way.

Our strengths are rooted in the preparation, monitoring and supervision of urban transformation processes. Given that the company is registered as a GmbH (equivalent to a limited liability company), SEG is both legally and financially independent. Such a setup enables entrepreneurial thinking and project-based action while ensuring a flexible response to the requirements of city planning, on the one hand, and the interests of private investors on the other, all underpinned by the aspiration to implement significant urban development projects.

Since 1996, SEG has participated in a significant number of such projects, all characterised by the realisation of municipal objectives: within the field of urban development, during the creation and maintenance of community facilities, in the provision of housing to various population groups and facilitating measures to promote business. Against this backdrop, we are investing in Hainweg – something we see as a fantastic opportunity for Wiesbaden and all who want to live here.

»We live in the century of cities. Every second individual today is already a city dweller, and this number continues to grow. Estimates state that by 2050 70% of the world's population will be living in urban areas. The demand for living space in the city of Wiesbaden is rising steadily. By the year 2030, population growth in excess of 6,000 new inhabitants is expected. In order to safeguard sustainable residential development work, we consistently identify potential residential areas based on the land use plan. We are now exploiting this potential to create new living space in Wiesbaden.«


At present, SEG Wiesbaden is divided into four business divisions:



live in wiesbaden: hainweg-nordenstadt housing development area


Today's modern world can only work when the people within it can rely on fully functioning infrastructure and excellent connectivity. In total, 650 residential units are to be created in the Hainweg residential zone. The emphasis is on creating housing for families. Residential space for couples and singles will also play a role, as will living options for senior citizens. In addition to a senior citizen and retirement home facility, barrier-free and accessible apartments are also to be developed. Hainweg not only offers a space for families to thrive, it is also a place where every life phase and age group is welcome.

Less than a year after the city of Wiesbaden delivered on its intention to bring the development plan for the ›Hainweg residential zone‹ to life, roughly 80% of the buyers had already been confirmed for the plots now under development. During the selection process, SEG placed genuine emphasis on quality and diversity.

Hainweg will consist of:


A select number of companies offer a wide range of different real estate options – from semi-detached houses to terraced houses to condominiums to multi-family dwellings.

GOALS See Hainweg take on its stunning form!


The majority of the land under development is intended for housing including single family, semi-detached and terraced houses, which all offer families that perfect home. In addition, a range of smaller terraced houses, condominiums and rental apartments will also be built, thus appealing to couples or singles. The multi-family dwellings will also enable barrier-free or minimum barrier entry and living. At the development’s north end you will also find the district’s central point, which is home to a day care centre. A second day care centre is situated in the south.


Footpaths and roads connect the new development with the regional core itself. The entire area is broken down beautifully by a large green expanse in its centre, as well as two traversing green axes running east and west. Once within the perimeter, residents and visitors can enjoy a wonderfully open design characterised by streets that serve different purposes, as well as footpaths along the green axes.



At the central square, at the Hainpark and at the roundabout situated on Konrad-Zuse-Straße a series of bus stops connect the residential zone with the public transport system. An external connection to Konrad-Zuse-Straße in the south is envisaged via a roundabout. Running parallel to Konrad-Zuse-Straße, a noise protection barrier has been planned, which will be enveloped by camouflaging greenery.


buy land in a sustainably developed neighbourhood

SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden has recently got the ball rolling on what will be one of the largest new development projects in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt for years to come. The area under development provides everyone from Wiesbaden and the Rhein-Main area the chance to fulfil a long-standing desire to move into their own four walls.

The planned area is located west of what is today the developed suburb of Nordenstadt, and has to date been used exclusively for agricultural purposes. The approx. 21 hectare expanse will border on existing residential developments situated to the east, and on both sides of the West Ring to the north. To the south you will find Konrad-Zuse-Straße and, on the opposite side, the commercial hub known as ›Am grünen Weg‹. To the west and heading in the direction of Taunus – acting as an extension of Oppelner Straße – a commercial corridor has been created between plots of land used for agricultural, vineyard and fruit meadows.

10 GOOD REASONS to choose Hainweg

A community can only thrive when good social structures are in place: two day care centres with a total of 13 groups, a central district square where, in addition to a nursing home and senior accommodation, a range of eateries and small-scale shops are to be created. A park landscape spanning roughly 7000 m² offers more than enough space for lots of playtime excitement and quiet time alike. Other play and exercise areas formed part of urban planning considerations from the outset. At the same time, the area itself offers so much freedom of movement that the chance to enjoy easy-going fun in nature is never far away.

Urban living against a rural backdrop

Networking and nature are equally important to the modern day individual. The district of Hainweg meets every fundamental need with its direct proximity to Nordenstadt, its carefully thought out infrastructure and surrounding rural environment, not to mention the abundance of opportunities for recreational fun along the Wäschbach River.

Once you are out of the house, in just a few minutes you are jogging with your dog through stunning nature, or enjoying a bike ride down the dirt roads that take you out and around the town. This place really does offer, when seen from that perspective, a wonderful synthesis of near and far, urban and rural, interior and exterior, without spending half your life commuting by car instead of being with your family. Venture out. Relax. Soak up that beautiful view.

When it comes to recreational areas, the Taunus and the Rheingau are two very different and diverse regions, but both are within reach of Nordenstadt.


A global topic – with a local spin, and always with the future in mind: Climate protection in Hainweg includes photovoltaic, solar energy and e-mobility projects, as well as the establishment of energy efficiency networks.


Creating a balance is important – and should always be part of home life. The balance between family, leisure and work, a person's own four walls play a central role. When it comes to being well-connected in terms of transport and data technology, finding that balance between work and private life is child's play in Hainweg.

Interested parties can collaborate with selected developers to make their own conceptual dreams a reality that embraces the hybrid principle of private and professional spatial utilisation.

All age groups welcome!

Children can discover life in this district: The area’s own childcare facilities as well as others nearby, playgrounds and green expanses, a primary school and several sports club are all within walking distance. The uptake capacity at the local primary school is currently being expanded, in order to take good care of the influx of additional Hainweg students.

Adults will no doubt appreciate the relaxing living environment and its great transport connections – whether you are travelling by car or public transport – not to mention the proximity to shops, places of work, restaurants and great locations for leisure time activities.

Similarly, senior citizens form an integral part of this shared space in Hainweg. A nursing home, senior accommodation and minimal barrier design help to put the 60+ generation right at the heart of the Hainweg district.


The state capital Wiesbaden ranks as seventh out of 56 major cities home to more than 150,000 inhabitants in Germany with a purchasing power index of 110.3 – placing it on an equal footing with Hamburg.

The attractive range of well-known brands and traditional owner-managed businesses is reflected in this purchasing power ratio. Furthermore, the abundant diversity of restaurant options adds real weight to the quality of life here. When it comes to everyday needs, supermarkets offering well-known brands from the nearby commercial park as well as smaller shops nestled in the heart of Nordenstadt can all be reached quickly from the Hainweg district.


Culture is an essential part of all attractive urban living. The Rhein-Main area in general (and Wiesbaden in particular) boast a thriving cultural landscape with things to do for all ages: Fine arts, theatre, music, dance as well as culinary passion and excitement! The cities of Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Mainz are all well within reach and offer – each in their own unique way – a whole host of exquisite cultural and culinary experiences!


The triad of ›Water – Villas – Green Paradise‹ was the guiding force behind all development policies in Wiesbaden during the 19th century. Beginning with the historic pentagon, with which every effort was made to accommodate the local topographical situation; subsequently, all development work adhered closely to the landscape conditions. Significant momentum was generated during the 19th century with the city’s ascent to the prestigious role of a world spa town. Before the First World War, the population had already grown to over 100,000. Up to 200,000 spa guests were now visiting the city annually.

Despite such rapid growth, networking the city and its surrounding landscape has always played a central role in Wiesbaden. The surrounding countryside took centre stage and was made accessible in the form of hiking trails, huts and nature observation towers. The numerous inner-city streets created visual connections from the city itself and outwards to the Taunus.

The many and varied testaments of garden design and urban planning continue to characterise the city's unique appearance, while also making a special contribution to the identity of Wiesbaden. Tomorrow's concepts for urban open space development also embrace the specific landscape conditions of Wiesbaden.

The vastly differentiated needs of our society in the 21st century demand a wide range of different freedoms – both for people in different phases of life and from different cultural backgrounds. Wiesbaden offers exactly this kind of freedom.

It is entirely conceivable that Nordenstadt, as with its neighbour Wallau, existed as far back as the Celtic era, making it more than 2000 years old.


Wiesbaden is in a state of flux: E-mobility, public transport, and the city's ›meinRad‹ rent-a-bike system are key component parts of a traffic development plan designed to keep residents mobile in future. Having your own car is becoming increasingly unnecessary. Those looking to do something good for their health will feel very cosmopolitan in no time at all: great for the region.


The term ›Glocalisation‹, coined by the American sociologist Roland Robertson, originally characterised a marketing strategy aimed at adapting global products to local market preferences. As time went on, it has also come to adopt a cultural and political meaning: The globalisation of work, the economy and lifestyle is being accompanied by a return to regional and local traditions, values and certain peculiarities.

Hainweg represents the essence of ›glocalisation‹. Here, it is never a question of either-or, but rather the ideal combination of regional and global. Frankfurt airport is just a half an hour’s drive away.


Where, in our society, does the ›We‹ form find its footing? Who benefits? What opportunities will materialise from this ›We‹ trend? An increasing number of people feel that there needs to be a greater sense of community in society. We want to do that justice in Hainweg.

Who's building where

development plan and contractors for your property

the Development Plan

The development zone is best described by the following key figures:

• Floor space (GRZ) 0.35
• Maximum building height 14 m above ground (approx. 177 m above sea level)
• Construction of approx. 650 residential units
• Construction density of approximately 30 residential units per hectare (gross construction surface area)
• Approx. 80% detached, semi-detached and terraced house dwellings, as well as 20% multi-family dwellings
• Approx. 20,000 m2 of park and green surfaces
• The speed limit on all streets has been set at 30 kmph

The Contractors and Developers

VMany property developers submitted their application to develop the building plots. For the majority of the plots in question, buyers have already made a binding commitment. It was important for SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden to be able to offer prospective buyers a wide range of different real estate options. These include terraced houses, semi-detached houses and multi-family dwellings.

Best views at Hainweg |

Sophisticated, clear-cut architecture to service different living needs, as well as clever energy concepts and optimal customer care: All this is embodied by bauhaus wohnkonzept gmbh. As conceptual designers, planners and property developers with company headquarters in Taunus, this is a company belonging to the FRANK Group, the family business originating from Hamburg, which has played a pivotal role in the continuous development, implementation and management of residential real estate since the year 1925. At present, the company bauhaus wohnkonzept is also working on the realisation of the ‘ÖkoSiedlung Friedrichsdorf’ settlement together with the FRANK Group (

In Hainweg, the company bauhaus wohnkonzept gmbh has been tasked with building 42 semi-detached houses and 10 terraced houses on the highest plateau of the development site. To this end, the architects involved have designed six different types of house covering between 135 and 180 m² of living space, a move that meets the need for diverse urban planning while also creating a differentiated offering.

All houses are of a solid construction by design, with a flat roof and roof cultivation, a rooftop terrace and garden terrace, cellar and underfloor heating. Each unit has a garage and a parking space situated in front of it, as well as screens to ensure privacy from neighbouring terraces and designated enclosures for waste containers.

An optimal blend of functionality and comfort, contemporary technology and economical merits, ensuring that every new resident can enjoy a pleasant and sustainable home.

Following the sales kick-off in July/August 2019, feel free to visit us at the sales pavilion situated on Heerstraße. Why not give us a call on:
Tel: 06192 99163100

Welcome to NORIN Carré in Hainweg!

In an attractive, tranquil location in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt, the Lechner Group is on track to complete 48 modern terraced houses, 8 semi-detached houses and one detached house, each offering roughly 130 m² of living space – ideal homes offering a garden and rooftop terrace, and not just for a young family to enjoy. Each and everyone enjoys their very own personal freedom. The fixed price includes a modern, high-quality full installation offering, e.g. two bathrooms and an additional guest toilet, as well as all the external installations you would expect. The houses are all of a solid construction by design and are also eligible for KfW 55 subsidy funding. Construction work will be completed over 4 phases. The houses are available from EUR 680,000.

Have we piqued your interest? Our qualified sales advisers will be happy to help.
Tel: 069 905577255

The Yin and Yang of good living space |

The European patent 2 543 794 B1 envisages the construction of two residential structures in stone, which like the core elements of the Chinese philosophy embrace two polar opposite (and yet inseparable) guiding principles. In this case, however, the Yin and Yang are known as PICK and UP.
The PICK (Yang) is a 12 m extra-wide house with 5 bedrooms, 170 m² of living space, a garden spanning 200 m², an in-house garage – but still cannot be without its Yin, the UP.

The UP is far removed from the concept of a house, and much more in line with penthouse-like living, as well as being extra-wide at 12 m. It has 4 bedrooms, 150 m² of living space, a roof terrace spanning 55 m² and an in-house garage. As you can see, PICK and UP are entirely interwoven wherever you look, beautifully rounding off the perfection of PICK-UP architecture, right through to its wonderfully harmonious facade. This is real architectural Daoism, genuine Yin-Yang living and one thing above all else: lots of fun.

Optimal Wohnbau GmbH & Co. KG
Projektentwickler & Bauträger
Schubartstraße 14
74076 Heilbronn
Tel: 07131 15170

noack immobilien Beratung & Verkauf
Philippsbergstraße 14
65195 Wiesbaden
Tel: 0611 809098

Turnkey handover – move in and enjoy your own four walls!

The company Traumhaus-Deutschland GmbH, which is also based in Nordenstadt, has been commissioned to build 39 terraced houses and 4 semi-detached houses, all of a solid construction and dream house-like quality, on the Hainweg development: Top build quality for long-lasting value! Stone on stone using the traditional, solid construction system, two fully fledged storeys with a saddle roof, and depending on the type of house approximately 141 m² of living space with 5 rooms – all within the ‘KfW-Effizienzhaus 55’ eligibility bracket for subsidy funding.

›COMFORT‹ furnishing and fitting for that sophisticated style! That’s key. Ship floor oak parquet, painted glass fibre wallpaper, bathroom with floor level shower, bathtub, dual wash basin, hand towel radiator. Including the following outside installations: a beautiful terrace area with dividers, rolled turf and summerhouse, awning, post box, lighting and a waste bin housing unit situated near the entrance area.

Discover more and visit our show home in Wiesbaden-Bierstadt!
Vertrieb: LBS Immobilien
Steubenstraße 9
65189 Wiesbaden

Tel: 0611 951400

Enjoy that great ›new home‹-sensation in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt

Reboot offers you a stylish living concept suffused with light, which is anything other than standard. We delve right into your very own unique needs – meaning that our apartments embrace that unmistakable cosmopolitan feel. Urban affinity and nature’s warmth go hand-in-hand like never before. Its architecture and interior design are characterised by a well thought through, comfort-centric holistic approach.

The numerous glazing elements ensure a wonderfully bright and friendly atmosphere inside the apartment. The building ensemble is situated directly along the district’s far-reaching Hainpark. Discover the richly traditional city suburb of Nordenstadt, the calming oasis of surrounding fields and the convenient proximity to Wiesbaden's city centre. You'll be sure to enjoy that wonderful sense of home in your new house. An exquisite blend of urban living in green, restaurants and opportunities to shop. When travelling by car, it takes roughly 15 minutes to Frankfurt airport and the city centre of Wiesbaden, as well as 13 minutes to the Hochheim suburban railway (S-Bahn) station and another 20 minutes to the city of Mainz.

Why not pay us a visit directly in Wiesbaden. You’ll be sure to find the perfect home for you.
Tel: 06181 9063117

Designer homes for energy savers

When it comes to our work as developers for the southern development zone of Hainweg, you will be sure to get everything you expect. Our companies, DGER GmbH and PBP Invest GmbH have been commissioned to build approximately 39 residential units spanning roughly 9000 m² in Hainweg.

The hallmark of our work lies in energy-saving design. The 37 terraced houses and one semi-detached house are situated along Rotkehlchenweg and all comply with the KfW-40 Standard.

We have subdivided the area into two building phases, with 19 and 20 residential units respectively. Every house will have its own garden and summerhouse, as well as access to the parking facility situated in the centre of the two building sections. The individual plots of land range between 98 to 332 m². The living space within the houses stands at 143 m².

Modernity is not just something that plays a role when it comes to insulation, it is also the currency of choice when it comes to our sleek, cubic design. The interior fixtures and fittings should also strike a chord with customers interested in the role of high-tech and sophisticated design within the home.

Find us here:
Steubenstraße 9
65189 Wiesbaden

Tel: 0611 98712280

life48: Generous semi-detached home for your very own dream living

Anyone looking for plenty of space to thrive is in just the right place in Wiesbaden’s Hainweg residential development! It is here that INTERHOMES AG has been given the task of building 48 semi-detached houses, all of which are characterised first and foremost by their generous size and extensive range of interior fixtures.

The new development zone boasts all the infrastructure qualities you would expect, in addition to its calm and natural charm: Great places to shop, doctors’ surgeries, day care centres, schools and restaurants – all just a few minutes away on foot; Wiesbaden city centre is just 15 minutes away, not to mention transport links to the nation’s motorways, which are also within good reach.

The ‘moon’ house comprises 196 m² of living space as well as 65 m² of utility space. Whether you are looking to enjoy a nice evening meal in your 40 m² living room or a family evening in the 48 m² large studio with adjoining terrace – the perfect way for you to shape your very own dream house. Interior fixtures and fittings include, for example, underfloor heating on all floors, a stunning interior bathroom design and electric blinds on every floor.

Houses are available from EUR 899,950 – and come with a garage (with integrated storeroom) and additional parking space.

Why not visit us in our beautifully furnished show homes in Dreieich or Hattersheim. Please ensure to book your own appointment ahead of time.
Tel: 0800 8411515

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